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Dauphin estate files




ATG 0064A


Dates of Creation 




Physical Description 


192 cu. ft. of textual records


Record forms part of 


Regional estate files


Scope and Content 


Records consist of various documents pertaining to the settlement of estates of deceased persons, including applications, wills, affidavits, and property inventories. Beginning in 1973 or 1974, the grants or other instruments are on the files; previously they were maintained in separate probate books.

Arranged numerically.


Restrictions on Access 


There are no restrictions on access to these records.


Terms For Use and Reproduction 


Researchers are responsible for observing copyright legislation. Permission may be required for any form of publication or exhibition where records are not in the public domain.


Custodial History 


Records transferred to Archives under records schedule.


Related Material 


For indexes to this series, see ATG 0068. Search the Archives' probate index (on the Archives' website) for files up to 1984. Consult the Court Registry System on the Manitoba Justice website for file numbers as of 1984.

For corresponding probate books, see J 0289.

For application books, see A 0067.

For application registers, see A 0117.

For Winnipeg estate files, see ATG 0025A.




Further accruals are expected.


Entity or entities that created these records

These records were created by the following Manitoba government entity or entities. Click on the name of the entity for information about this entity and other records it created.

1918-1984 :

Surrogate Court

1984-2010 :

Court of Queen's Bench Probate Division


How to proceed

Consult the listings database to find location codes. Records are listed at the box level with file number ranges. If you would like to view a specific file, please identify the file number and title on the retrieval slip in the item description field, rather than the file number range.

All of these records are stored offsite. A minimum of 2 business days is required to retrieve the records. Contact the Archives of Manitoba to request these records.

This material is not available for microfilm loan.

Click on the relevant accession below to view an online list of these records.

Accession NumberExtentDatesMore Info.
GR0429 104 cu. ft. 1918-1963
GR4512 3 cu. ft. 1938-1974
GR3478 36 cu. ft. 1963-1983
GR4585 5 cu. ft. 1984-1986
GR5758 5 cu. ft. 1987-1989
GR7120 4 cu. ft. 1990-1992
GR7760 2 cu. ft. 1993
GR8697 4 cu. ft. 1995-1996
GR8698 2 cu. ft. 1994
GR9453 3 cu. ft. 1997
GR9960 3 cu. ft. 1998
GR10367 3 cu. ft. 1999
GR10697 3 cu. ft. 2000
GR11093 2 cu. ft. 2001
GR11254 2 cu. ft. 2002
GR11650 2 cu. ft. 2003
GR12133 2 cu. ft. 2004
GR12573 2 cu. ft. 2005
GR13344 1 cu. ft. 2006
GR13724 1 cu. ft. 2007
GR14016 1 cu. ft. 2008
GR14534 1 cu. ft. 2009
GR14964 1 cu. ft. 2010


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