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Allison, W.T. (William Talbot), 1875-1941 Share Link

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W.T. (William Talbot) Allison (1875-1941) was born in Unionville, Ontario in 1875. He attended Harbord Collegiate Institute and earned his B.A. and M.A. degrees at Victoria College in 1899 and 1900. Allison then went on to earn his Ph.D. in English at Yale University. He also studied theology and practiced as a Presbyterian minister from 1902-1910 while completing his doctoral work. Allison was married and had a daughter and two sons, one of whom would go on to become News Editor of the Winnipeg Tribune.

In 1910, Allison was offered a position as an English Professor at Wesley College, where he spent the next ten years before accepting a position as head of the English faculty at the University of Manitoba. He retained this position until his retirement due to poor health in 1939. During this time Allison was a prolific literary columnist, publishing articles in the Winnipeg Telegram, Montreal Daily Mail, and Calgary Herald, and at one point writing a weekly syndicated column that appeared in newspapers across the country. He was also Literary Editor of the Winnipeg Tribune, publishing editorials under the pen name "Ivanhoe". Allison wrote many book reviews during his 25 year newspaper career, but he also wrote on other subjects of interest to him, including politics, history, gardening, and Spiritualism, notably his investigation of the "Patience Worth" phenomenon. W.T. Allison was a founding member of the Canadian Authors' Association in 1921 as well as the founder and President of the Dickens Fellowship of Winnipeg. He passed away in Winnipeg in 1941.

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