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"Streets of Brandon as the Queen visits the Wheat City. Horses at [?]. Minnedosa. Mare with colt. House of Old Joe McMurchy [McMurachy]. Geo. H. Hambley comes up to the house - children coming out of school at McConnell. Elevators and McConnell store and McMurchy gets into car. Hitching team up watering - [?] Horse on farm old Joe goes out to field with two horses on binder - Girl brings out lunch. Joe finds two heads of wheat - gives them to the girl - Joe and old [?] sit by horse and tell of wheat - old [gun?] - Hambley shows how he planted eleven kernels - weeks later watering plants - two months more - grain well grown"



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George Henry Hambley fonds

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Reference copy available for viewing in Archives Research Room.
Title is taken from Hambley's notes on the film can. Written notes from film cans are available in P7425/6.
Second piece of paper in this film can states: "Queen comes to Brandon. Horses [?], McMurchy's house, Lads at school - McConnell. Store at McConnell. Mrs McMurchy gets a car. Farm scene - bridle - horses, watering hoses, Mrs McMurchy, [?] on wagon, Man gets on wagon rack. McMurchy on [?]. Cutting with two horses. Girl brings out lunch. Finds wheat. Old [?] - scythe, old gun, Joe McMurchy - plants wheat, Eleven kernels [?] waters wheat."
Malcolm Joseph "Joe" McMurachy developed rust-resistant wheat in Manitoba in the 1930s. He and his wife Margaret "Jennie" farmed in the Green Bluff area and moved to the McConnell district to the old McMurachy farm in 1939.

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1 film reel: silent




8 mm


12 min., 59 sec.


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