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"An Indian Map of the Different Tribes that inhabit on the East & West Side of the Rocky Mountains with all the rivers & other remarkbl. places, also the number of Tents etc. Drawn by the Feathers or Ac ko mok ki -- a Black foot chief -- 7th Feby. 1801 -- reduced 1/4 from the Original Size -- by Peter Fidler."


Peter Fidler; copy of a map drawn by Ac ko mok ki [Akutkomikimaan], a Blackfoot [Siksika] chief



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Hudson's Bay Company manuscript maps collection

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Location: Prairies and Pacific Northwest
Description: Latitude 45-60N, Longitude 110-130W. Contains lengthy explanations of Indigenous nations noted on the map (names, number of tents). Explains the number of days' walk between different features. Identifies river systems: Ot te netha (Sheep), Cwoosse net cha (Red Deers), Bay in net cha (Pearl), In ne thaw oro (Warm Water), Bep caw ow (Large), Oo ne ceese, Na tootoo kse, Pun na kieks (Little), Moo-koo wans, Bad, Red Deer, O mok kat i (Big), Red Deer ([c]unna kow). Identifies Chesterfield House.
Medium: paper, ink. Mounted on linen.
This map was redrawn by Peter Fidler from Sketch map "drawn by the Feathers or Ac ko mok ki a Black foot chief 7th Feby 1801” (E.3/2 fos. 106d-107 in Peter Fidler journals of exploration and survey, 1792-1806.) It was sent as an enclosure to a letter from Fidler to the Governor and Committee, 10 July 1802, in Governor and Committee inward correspondence from posts, correspondence from Oxford House (A.11/52 fos. 1-2d). This letter consists of a detailed description of the map.

This map was added to the 1802 edition of Aaron Arrowsmith’s “A Map Exhibiting all the New Discoveries in the Interior Parts of North America, Inscribed by Permission To the Honorable Governor and Company of Adventurers of England Trading into Hudsons Bay In testimony of their liberal Communications To their most Obedient and very Humble Servant, A. Arrowsmith" (G.3/672). The “Rocky Mountains” of this map were incorrectly interpreted by Arrowsmith as the continental divide of the Rocky Mountains.

This map is listed in a catalogue of maps, charts and drawings found in Catalogue of HBC Archives, a volume kept by the Governor and Committee in London and dated ca. 1847. (See Catalogue of HBC Archives, A.64/52.)
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1 manuscript map


37 x 47 cm


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