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Item Description 

R v. Ivens et al exhibits 986-1001, 1003 and 1005-1008



Fonds/Series Title 

Exhibits and other records related to the Winnipeg General Strike trials

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Item information below is taken from the exhibit list in G 7490 file 1.
Exhibits 986-1000 are photos which were removed from these records and identified as part of the L. B. Foote fonds but have now been returned to this file. These photographs have been digitized and are linked below. (Foote numbers and negative numbers have been included in the list below to assist with searching.]

Government Schedule No. 

A 0272

Accession No. 


Location and Ordering Information

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Location Code 

G 7494 file 3

Negative No. 

N2738 N2739 N2741 N2742 N2743 N2744 N2746 N2750 N2752 N2758 N2759 N2760 N2762 N2763 N2766
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Further Information about the File or Item

Original Format 

1 folder of textual records including 15 photographs

Former Codes 

RG4 A1 Foote 1672, 1673, 1675, 1676, 1677, 1678, 1680, 1684, 1686, 1692, 1693, 1694, 1696, 1697, 1700


Item Details 


Exhibit no. 986

"Photos" [previously Foote 1676, N2742] [Meeting at Victoria Park]

Exhibit no. 987

"Photos" [previously Foote 1677, N2743] [Meeting at Victoria Park]

Exhibit no. 988

"Photos" [previously Foote 1678, N2744] [Meeting at Victoria Park]

Exhibit no. 989

"Photos" [previously Foote 1684, N2750] [Crowds at Victoria Park]

Exhibit no. 990

"Photos" [previously Foote 1686, N2752] [Crowds at Victoria Park]

Exhibit no. 991

"Photos" [previously Foote 1673, N2739] [Portage Ave. near Main St., 10 June 1919]

Exhibit no. 992

"Photos" [previously Foote 1675, N2741] [Portage Ave. near Main St., 10 June 1919]

Exhibit no. 993

"Photos" [previously Foote 1672, N2738] [Main St., 10 June 1919]

Exhibit no. 994

"Photos" [previously Foote 1680, N2746] [Crowds at Victoria Park]

Exhibit no. 995

"Photos" [previously Foote 1693, N2759] [21 June 1919]

Exhibit no. 996

"Photos" [previously Foote 1694, N2760] [21 June 1919]

Exhibit no. 997

"Photos" [previously Foote 1692, N2758] [21 June 1919]

Exhibit no. 998

"Photos" [previously Foote 1696, N2762] [Streetcar, 21 June 1919]

Exhibit no. 999

"Photos" [previously Foote 1697, N2763] [Streetcar, 21 June 1919]

Exhibit no. 1000

"Photos" [previously Foote 1700, N2766] [Crowd at Portage and Main, 21 June 1919]

Exhibit no. 1001

"Book Socialism & Religion"

Exhibit no. 1003

"Resolution by Pritchard Mch. 10/19 "

Exhibit no. 1005

"Letter signed by Levitt, Russian Bolshevisks"

Exhibit no. 1006

"Resolution by Manthan"

Exhibit no. 1007

"Resolution by Kavanagh Jan. 1914"

Exhibit no. 1008

"Letter Yates to Wells Dec. 11/17"

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