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The Department of the Interior was created in 1873 by an Act of the Canadian Parliament. The Department's eventual mandate encompassed: exploration of the western region; removal of the native population from the open plains and establishment of land reserves for them and for other purposes; settlement of outstanding land grievances with the Métis; surveying and subdivision of the land according to a grid system; the granting and selling of millions of acres of homestead lands; the encouragement of immigration; the leasing of timber, grazing, mining and water rights; the creation of a national parks system; the protection of wildlife; and the administration and conducting of scientific research regarding a range of natural resources. The three interior western provinces - Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba - had no control over their own land development and natural resources until 1930 when Natural Resource Transfer Agreements were signed between the federal government and each provincial government. In Manitoba, in the same year, responsibilities for mineral resources, forests, fisheries, wildlife, water resources, lands, surveys and mapping were transferred from the federal Department of the Interior to the provincial Department of Mines and Natural Resources. As part of the transfer of responsibilities, records created by the Department of the Interior were transferred into the custody of the Department of Mines and Natural Resources. Provincially-created records extended and were later added to these federal records. Although the Department of the Interior was dissolved in 1936, after the assignment of its responsibilities to the three western provinces and to other federal departments was completed, the transfer of records to Manitoba was not completed until 1956.


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Series consists of records of inspection of homesteads by Departmental inspectors. Records contain: the legal description of land inspected; the date inspection was called for; the date the report of inspection was filed; the name of homesteader; the nature of report requested or the reason inspector was requested to visit, including such entries as "re: purchase," "to assess timber quality," "re: use of land," and "regarding application to patent"; the file number; and remarks by inspectors. Series also includes a record of the monthly expenses of each homestead inspector.

Series predominantly consists of records created by the federal Department of the Interior prior to 1930 and subsequently transferred to the provincial Department of Mines and Natural Resources when control over Manitoba's lands and natural resources passed to the Province. Series also contains records created between 1930 and 1934 by the Manitoba Department of Mines and Natural Resources.

Records created by the federal Department of the Interior are alphabetical by inspector's name, and chronological under each inspector. Records created by the Department of Mines and Natural Resources are organized by district.


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Records acquired by Archives by means other than records schedule.


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'A' series (records with a schedule number with the letter 'A' at the start of the alphanumeric code, e.g. A 0123) are artificial series created by the archives to organize and describe government records that did not come to the archives through the regular government records scheduling process.




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1930-1934 :

Lands Branch


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