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History and Function


Fort Collinson

Dates of Existence 



Fort Collinson was a fur trade post.

Administrative History 

Fort Collinson, first named Fort Brabant, was established in 1923 on Prince Albert Sound on Victoria Island, Northwest Territories. It was likely named Fort Brabant in honour of Angus Brabant, HBC fur trade commissioner from 1920 to 1927. In August 1928, Fort Brabant was moved from Prince Albert Sound to Walker Bay on Victoria Island in order to be closer to the hunting grounds of the post's Aboriginal hunters. On December 31, 1929, Fort Brabant was renamed Fort Collinson. The post was closed in 1939 and its buildings were transferred to Holman Island.

Other names 

Fort Brabant (1923-1928)

Key People 

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Controlling Entities

Fort Collinson reported directly to the following entities:

1923-1939 Hudson's Bay Company. Western Arctic District


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