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History and Function


The Bay, Downtown Calgary

Dates of Existence 



The Bay, Downtown Calgary, is one of the Hudson's Bay Company's original flagship stores.

Administrative History 

The Bay, Downtown Calgary, located on the corner of the intersection between 7th Avenue South West and 1st Street Southwest, was opened on August 18, 1913. This store was built to replace the existing store that was built in 1891 on the northwest corner of 8th Avenue South West (also called Stephen Street) and Centre Street. The new building was designed by architects Burke, Horwood & White of Toronto. The building contractor was Carter, Halls & Aldinger and the steel contractor was the Dominion Bridge Company, both from Winnipeg. The opening of the new building was attended by many dignitaries from the Alberta Government, including the mayor of Calgary, Herbert Arthur Sinnott, and Lieutenant-Governor George Hedley Vicars Bulyea. Various representatives from the Hudson's Bay Company were also present including the store manager, J.M. Baker, and HBC director, John Coles. Standing six storeys tall, the downtown Calgary HBC store was the largest building in Calgary at this time.

In the early 20th century, HBC was starting to shift its focus from the fur trade to the retail business. As a result, the Calgary store was one of the first HBC stores to implement modern retail practices in terms of customer service and the layout of the store. Throughout the mid-twentieth century, the downtown Calgary HBC store expanded numerous times. In 1929, the store expanded south all the way to 8th Avenue South West. Another expansion took place in 1955 which brought the store to its present size. In 1957, a parkade was added and then expanded in 1961.

In 1965 HBC rebranded its department stores, including the downtown Calgary store, as "The Bay." The downtown Calgary HBC store also hosted various exhibitions for the general public and operated restaurants such as the Elizabethan Restaurant on the 6th floor. As of 2013, the downtown Calgary HBC store is still open for business and has been rebranded as "Hudson's Bay."

Other names 

Hudson's Bay Company Department Store, Downtown Calgary


Controlling Entities

The Bay, Downtown Calgary reported directly to the following entities:

1913-1962 Hudson's Bay Company. Retail Stores Department
1962-1970 Hudson's Bay Company. The Bay, Western Region
1970-1971, 1983-1985, 1988-1989 Hudson's Bay Company. The Bay, Alberta Region
1971-1983, 1985-1988 Hudson's Bay Company. The Bay, Calgary Region
1989-[2005?] Hudson's Bay Company. The Bay, Western Region


Entities that preceded and/or succeeded this entity

Predecessor entities 

Hudson's Bay Company. Calgary


Archival Record Series Created by this Entity


"The "Bay" Chuckwagon" newsletter


"Beaver Tales" newsletter from the downtown Calgary HBC store



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