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Map of land north of Churchill River by "Captain Mea'to'na'bee & I'dot'ly'a'zees"


Moses Norton, from information by Meatonabee and Idotlyazee


[ca. 1767-1768]

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Hudson's Bay Company manuscript maps collection

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Geographical location: Manitoba, Nunavut, Northwest Territories
Description: Shows Hudsons Bay, Bowdens Inlet, Great Slave Lake. Shows rivers: Churchill, Seal, Esquimay, Copper Mine, etc. Shows locations of Aboriginal groups, tracks to Fort Prince of Wales. Includes "An Explanation of a Draught brought by two Northern Indians Leaders Calld. Meatonabee & Idotly'ozee, of the Country to the Northward of Churchill River Viz. Hudsons Bay" and key.
Medium: paper, black ink
Reference to this survey can be found in Correspondence from Churchill, in the series Governor and Committee inward correspondence from posts (A.11/14 fo. 78d). Please see the listing for these records for more details.
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1 manuscript map


145 x 72 cm


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