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Item Description 

Department of Education photograph album


[ca. 1909-1912]

Fonds/Series Title 

Department of Education photograph album

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Includes 130 photographs of schools, staff and children in Manitoba.
A list of the captions on each page is included below. Digital images of the pages are also included below and are captioned with the page number. Scroll over the image to see the page number.

Government Schedule No. 

A 0278

Accession No. 


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Location Code 

G 11005


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Original Format 

1 album (130 photographs)



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Item Details 


Page 1

"N.A-1 Starbuck - A corner on the playground"; "N.A.-2 Starbuck - In the fire escape"

Page 2

"N.A-3 Starbuck-In the Vans on grounds"; "N.A-4 Starbuck-The River on rear of grounds"

Page 3

"N.A-5 Starbuck-The River & Building"; "N.A-6 Rosser-Trustees Ass'n"

Page 4

"N.A-7 Starbuck in June-1911"; "N.A-8 Sperling in June-1911"

Page 5

"N.A-9 Sperling-at 4 o'clock"; "N.A-10 Waddell (con'd with Sperling)'

Page 6

"N.A-11 Starbuck (before Con'dn)"; " N.A-12 Holyrood (Con'd with) Starbuck"

Page 7

"N.A-13 Silver Plains"; "N.A-14 Sperling in Summer #2"

Page 8

"N.A-15 Sperling Children in Vans #2"; "N.A-16 Holland School"

Page 9

"N.A-17 Carman School"; "N.A-18 Morris (old building)"

Page 10

"N.A-19 Gretna (old building)"; "N.A-20 Sperling-Vans at 4 K. #3"

Page 11

"N.A-27 Gilbert Plains-School & Vans (no photo)"; "N.A-21 Carronbrook School"

Page 12

"N.A-22 Cromarty School"; "N.A-23 Cromarty-Sample desks"

Page 13

"N.A-24 Roblin School (old)"; "N.A-25 Roblin School-1911"

Page 14

"N.A-26 Gilbert Plains (old)"; "N.A-28 Gilbert Plains-1911"

Page 15

"N.A-29 River Scene-Gilbert Pls 1 (no photo)"; "N.A-30 River Scene-Gilbert Pls 2"

Page 16

"N.A-31 Looking across Valley-Gilbert Pls"; "N.A-32 Van on Road to Gilbert Pls"

Page 17

"N.A-33 Assiniboine School"; "N.A-34 Dalton School"

Page 18

"N.A-35 Robert Burns School"; "N.A-36 Shell River School"

Page 19

"N.A-37 Otto-Sideview of Flower Garden"; "N.A-38 Otto-Rear View of Flower Garden"

Page 20

"N.A-39 Otto-Distant view of Flower Garden"; "N.A-40 Otto-View of playgrounds"

Page 21

"N.A-41 Russell High school"; "N.A-42 Lockerby School"

Page 22

"N.A-43 German Family-Sec 36-hear Lockerly"; "N.A-44 Boulton School"

Page 23

"N.A-45 Dauphin Normal Shuttle Relay race"; "N.A-46 Dauphin Normal-Dodge Ball 1911"

Page 24

"N.A-47 Dauphin Normal-Playground Ball 1911"; "N.A-48 Dauphin Normal-Long Ball 1911"

Page 25

"N.A-49 Dauphin Normal-Basket Ball 1911"; "N.A-50 Dauphin Normal"

Page 26

"N.A-51 Kaleida School 1911"; "N.A-52 Gunton School 1911"

Page 27

"N.A-53 Dauphin Collegiate & Normal (no photo)"; "N.A-54 Kelvin Technical High S.-1911 (no photo)"

Page 28

"N.A-55 Lennox (Goodlands) 1911"; "N.A-56 Miami 1911"

Page 29

"N.A-57 Prairie Rose 1911"; "N.A-58 Isabella 1911"

Page 30

"N.A-Morton-2 girls ready for a 1 1/2 mile walk"; "N.A-60 Ready for Prairie Rose 2 1/2 mls distant (no photo)"

Page 31

"N.A-61 Reston"; "N.A-62 Waskada"

Page 32

"N.A-63 Powerville"; "N.A-64 Verona"

Page 33

"N.A-65 Rivers"; "N.A 66 Newbridge"

Page 34

"N.A-67 Langside"; "N.A-68 Arthur"

Page 35

"N.A-69 Perry"; "N.A-70 Ridgeville"

Page 36

"N.A-71 Aux Marais"; "N.A-72 Emerson (no photo)"

Page 37

"N.A-73 High Bluff"

Page 38

"N.A-75 Warren & Vans"; "N.A-76 Meadow Lea"

Page 39

"N.A-77 Hanlan & Warren"; "N.A-78 Warren, van & Hanlan (no photo)"

Page 40

"N.A-79 Warren"

Page 41

"N.A-82 Snowflake"

Page 42

"N.A-83 Snowflake C.S."; "N.A-84 Old Snowflake"

Page 43

"N.A-85 Carthage"; "N.A-86 Prairie City"

Page 44

"N.A-87 Snowflake Vans (no photo)"; "N.A-88 Snowflake Gardens 1912"

Page 45

"N.A-89 Darlingford Con.S (no photo)"; "N.A-90 Darlingford, Vans and Children (no photo)"

Page 46

"N.A-91 Darlingford Staff (1912) & Inspector Gordon"; "N.A-92 Darlingford (Old)"

Page 47

"N.A-93 Darlingford S."; "N.A-94 Darlingford Van"; "N.A-95 Darlingford Van"

Page 48

"N.A-96 Darlingford Van"; "N.A-97 Bridge over Pembina River, La Riviere"

Page 49

"Dawson School"; "N.A-98 Hamiota School"

Page 50

"N.A-99 Hamiota"; "N.A-100 Roblin Vans (no photo)"

Page 51

"N.B-15 Oxen (Craig Roblin)"; "N.B- Wheatfield (Hamiota) May 1912"

Page 52

"N.B-18 Dauphin Normal (1912) Base Ball"; "N.B-19 Dauphin Normal (1912) Basket Ball"

Page 53

"N.B-20 Dauphin Normal (1912) Playground Ball"; "N.B-21 Roblin (Beltons's Lake)

Page 54

"N.B-23 Roblin (Belton's Lake)"; "N.B-24 Rowan"

Page 55

"N.B-25 Kenton"; "N.B-26 Dauphin Station C.N.R. 1912

Page 56

"Langruth"; "Galicians on way to Foley"

Page 57

"N.B-27 Fairfax"; "N.B-28 Tyndall"

Page 58

"N.B-33 Hartney"; "N.B-32 Hartney"

Page 59

"N.B-31 Major (Strathclair)"

Page 60

"N.B-33 St. Andrews Con"; "N.B-34-35 Kelwood"

Page 61

"N.B-36 Roblin (old & new) 1912"; "N.B-37 Roblin Vans-Mitchell Curle"

Page 62

"N.B-38 Roblin Vans-Ferguson Dunlop"; "N.B-39 Roblin-Hogue Yerex"

Page 63

"N.B-40 Roblin (S.van)-Stokey"; "N.B-41 Gilbert Plains 1912"

Page 64

"N.B-42 St. Andrews"; "N.B-44 Hilton"

Page 65

"N.B-45 Birtle"; "N.B-46 Birtle 1912"

Page 66

"N.B-47 Moore Park"; "N.B-48 Moore Park Vans"

Page 67

"N.B-49 Sarahville"; "N.B-50 Sarahville Van"

Page 68

"(Watson) Justice"; "(Watson) Hilton"

Page 69

"N.B-43 Lenore"; "Eagleton"

Page 70

"N.B-55 Oak Bluff"; "N.B-56 Oak Bluff (Closed Van) (no photo)"

Page 71

"N.B-57 Oak Bluff (2 vans)"; "N.B-58 Oak Bluff"

Page 72

"N.B-59 Oak Bluff (in constr)"; "N.B-63 Oak Bluff Teachers Residence-S"

Page 73

"N.B-64 Same as 63-N.W. view (no photo)"; "N.B-65 Same as 64 & 63-S.W. view"

Page 74

"N.B-66 Oak Bluff Community Idea"; "N.B-67 Oak Bluff-District Hall"

Page 75

"N.B-68 Oak Bluff-Van Shed"

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